starting seeds

starting seeds

I have been a fan of herbal teas nearly all my life.

A part of me realizes that this is thanks to my mother’s slight obsession with Jane Austen films and the other half of me believes it has to do with my fondness for plant life in general.

When I say I like herbal teas, I don’t mean Lipton or Gold Peak or Peace. (I mean each of those brands do make pretty good teas) but no.

Am I the only one who finds magic in seeing the variety of leaves, citrus peels and flower petals floating wistfully in a teacup? Ha, that’s what I mean when I say herbal teas.

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of research on essential oils in the hopes of cutting out harsh chemicals that have been doing a number on my skin. I adopted them into my daily regimen and use them for my skin care, hair growth and even to freshen my room and aide in meditation on God’s Word.

In researching essential oils, I started finding so many different benefits in cultivating your own ingredients. Even the thought of having the ability to go outside and take what I need from my own garden that I grew myself gives me such a sense of pride and accomplishment!

I decided to finally take the leap and purchased a few different kinds of seeds that I figured would be pretty easy for a beginner like me. Things like cilantro, mint, basil, rosemary, chamomile and a couple others. So far only my micro greens have really sprouted, but I’m determined to keep learning!

I think I would like to own a tiny homestead someday. Even if it’s just a spice, herb and tea garden, with growing my own food comes this deep rooted (no pun intended) bond between me and the Earth. I have already planted the majority of these seeds, but I promise to make more updates and post them as regularly as possible! Perhaps I’ll have a series just for my chamomile since I haven’t even planted it yet… lol

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