“i’m made from pure perfection”

“i’m made from pure perfection”

In the spirit of falling in love with myself, I thought I’d share this song lyric from Ledisi’s “Higher Than This”. In it, she sings of the love of God and this love is behind the creation of mankind. She also sings about self love and the importance of recognizing your best attributes. The Bible tells us that we were created after His image and I wasn’t consciously aware of this until hearing this line toward the beginning of the song.

To know I was created by a perfect being is pretty incredible. To accept that I’ve been created from pure perfection is a type of awesome I can’t even begin to explain.

I’ve had an easier time learning to love myself when I see myself as a child of God instead of just another person. Perfection crafted me for purpose; I wasn’t just born. That’s one of the most beautiful truths I’ve ever accepted for myself.

There are a number of “feel good” songs that exist to remind the underdog in us about the Divinity within us. But not many come about it in a way that mentions the power of God’s love in conjunction with the strengths and talents we possess. In a world that likes to make me believe I’m “less than”, unworthy, and undeserving, the reminder that I’m beloved is more than just refreshing: it’s truth.

My name is Julia Lauren, and I was made from pure perfection.