montell fish.

montell fish.

Have you heard of this man? I didn’t until just a couple weeks ago.

My co-teacher and I have a number of similar tastes; one of which being our taste in music. After learning of my love of lofi hip hop and jazz (coupled with the knowledge she already had of my love for Jesus), she quickly turned me on to Montell Fish.

“Please marry him” she had begged happily.

Growing up, I was raised in a traditional family who thrived on serving God. “Wives in training” as my mother would call me and my sisters. I remember watching TLC’s A Wedding Story and A Baby Story while longing for a family of my own, skimming through Better Homes and Gardens magazines to piece together my future home, taking into account my mother’s words of wisdom as she interacted with my father.

I can vividly recall my father coming home a bit later some nights since his hours working at UPS fluctuated often. Upon hearing me and my sisters rush him at the door in excitement, my mother reprimanded us; telling us to give him space.

“When a man comes through the door after work, he needs time to rest.” she’d say. “Let him come in, get comfortable and make sure his dinner is hot and ready.”

“Yes ma’am”

This training that eventually grew into my own personal desire still stands firm in my heart and soul. I long for the godly gift of marriage and children.

So I went and looked up the Fish guy. And I was stunned to say the least.

His music is a savory combination of laments, worship, thanks, praise, ministry and prayer. The tracks that accompany his lyrics sound like a cross between lofi hip hop and gospel that reach the soul in the most remarkable way. It didn’t take long before I was completely entranced by such a unique and vulnerable way of exhibiting faith through song. I quickly created a new playlist on Spotify and binged his albums.

When I told my co-teacher about my newfound obsession, her eyes widened.

“And have you seen his Instagram? Oh, and have you heard the letter he wrote to his future wife?”

I admittedly informed her I hadn’t; I was so focused on the music alone.

When I finally happened to cross his social media and hear what he had to say about love in general, I couldn’t bring myself to develop a crush on him the way my co-teacher had hoped I would. Quite the opposite: I wanted what he had with the Lord, not really him.

Since looking him up and listening to his albums on repeat, I have added more artists like him that I didn’t know existed to that Spotify playlist. My prayer game got stronger. My need for a closeness with him superseded my desire for a closeness with man.

Thank you, Montell Fish.

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